OKLS’s course books

Standard Chinese course book for general

We use Beijing Language and Culture University’s course book “HANYU JIAOCHENG”, which is the best-seller Chinese language course book in China, as the standard texts.
OKLS, in collaboration with Beijing Language and Culture University, has translated the books into Thai and legally published them. We are a sole distributor in Thailand.  

Chinese course book for children ages 8-12

The course books in “Dek Dek Rien Jeen” (Kids learn Chinese) series are compiled by OKLS’s academic team and teachers who are particularly experienced in teaching Chinese
to children. The books have gained popularity since their first release. They have beautiful, attractive illustrations depicted by the gifted local artist, Patrida Prasarnthong.
This series consists of course books and work books in 8 levels which focus on all 4 skill dimensions – listening, speaking, reading and writing. The well-suited contents will help
the young ones prepare for the more advanced Chinese.

Chinese course book for young children ages 4-7

The “Oriental Kids” course book is specially written by OKLS’s academic team and teachers for younger children. The contents are easy to learn and age-appropriate.
It comes with fun activities, songs and tracks on CD to help children practice their listening while parents can take part in helping the kids do their homework and revise the lessons.

Standard Japanese course book for general

We use “Minna no Nihongo” course book which has been especially designed for the beginner. The content is fun and applicable to everyday life. This is one of the most
popular Japanese language course books.

Japanese course book for children

The “Japanese for Kids” book is written by OKLS’s academic team to help kids learn Japanese through understanding rather than memorizing, while keeping them fun and
entertaining. This will help prepare the kids for higher level courses in the future